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serverless web-app consultancy

Our Services

Serverless APIs

Event-driven low-cost infinitely-scalable backends.

Tools: Serverless Framework, Node JS, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS Kinesis

Single-page Apps

Best-in-class web development.

We build web apps using the latest tools and best practices to deliver the best experience for customers, developers, and the business.

With six years building single-page apps including micro-frontend architectures, bespoke branded UI libraries, and headless-CMS driven content.

Tools: React, Redux, styled-components


Ship value as soon as you create it.

We're in the business of building lots of services, with that requires a continuous integration & deployment layer that works at scale.

We build our pipelines all the way to production before we write code; which includes build testing, deployment, and functional testing.

Tools: Makefile, docker, docker-compose


We love AWS.

Amazon Web Services provides solutions for many paradigms including event-based architectures at minimal cost.

Tools: AWS CloudFormation, AWS *


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